Developing & leveraging total Talents

  • Advised one or more organizations
  • Received one or more certifications
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Served on a board of directors for an organization
  • Taught a subject or trade to others
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise
  • Donates time to philanthropic causes or organizations


Veretta T.  Nix
Helping individuals and organizations set goals, clarify beliefs & values, and develop talents to achieve success
Respected and valued human resources leader and executive coach

Positions held include:

Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Diversity, University of Michigan Health System; Corporate Director of Talent Planning & Workforce Diversity, Henry Ford Health System; Vice President of Human Resources, Henry Ford Health System. Also experienced as leader of hospital volunteer & community services and service excellence. Internal and external consulting and coaching experience. Presenter at local, national and international workshops and conferences.


To help individuals and organizations maximize performance and achieve goals

To help organizations meet the current and future development needs of their workforces.

To help organizations and their leaders develop diverse and inclusive cultures and respectful relationships with their staff members, customers and communities

human resources leadership, organizational development, diversity & inclusion, learning and development, employee engagement, performance management, leadership competency modeling, leadership coaching


  1. -
    Principal, Total Talents, LLC

    Provide consulting services with a focus on: leadership development and coaching; diversity & inclusion; strategy and organization development; team building; and employee engagement.

  2. -
    Director, Organization Effectiveness & Diversity, University of Michigan Health System

    Learning & Development--New Employee Orientation; Supervisor & Management Development, Leadership Competency Model Development, Leadership Conferences

    Organization Development--Teambuilding, Employee Engagement, Change Management

    Diversity & Inclusion--Diversity Strategic Planning, Diversity Conferences & Events, Learning & Development

  3. -
    Corp. Dir. Talent Planning & Workforce Diversity, Henry Ford Health System
    Planned for the implementation of a career center for entry-level employees to increase retention and career progression opportunities for a diverse workforce.

    Worked with system leaders for compliance system-wide affirmative action planning and reporting
  4. -
    Vice President Human Resources & Customer Service, Henry Ford Hospital
    • With Corporate Human Resources led employee/labor relations function and workforce planning for the hospital.
    • Also responsible for new customer service function as well as volunteer/community services

Proudest Accomplishment

Helped colleagues navigate careers, develop new skills, seek new opportunities, return to school

Experience Highlights

  • Organization-wide Leadership Competency Model
    Planned Collaboratively with System Leaders
  • Co-Led U of Michigan Career Development Passport Program
    Coordinated University and Health System Program--provided career service to 900 + employees
  • 15+ years Developing Leaders
    Diversity, Leadership and Customer Service Conferences, Leadership Series, Mentoring Programs
  • 15+ years Coaching Leaders
    front supervisor to senior Executive--Team interventions, career development, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Development-St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Abba, Ethiopia
    Co-Created with Jane Pettit & Tewodros Tadesse Araya

Education Highlights

  • M.A. Sociology, University of Chicago
    master's Thesis highlighted the Importance of a positive  environment in reducing return to prison
  • B.A. Sociology, Fisk University
    Phi Beta Kappa
  • Hogan Certification 2015
    personality assessment useful for leadership development


  • Career Advising & Coaching
    Work with Individuals at Every career phase--Students through Senior Leaders
  • Working with Health Care Professionals on Community Health Education
    Focus On Women's Health and Heart Health
  • Community Volunteering
    I have volunteered through professional organizations, Women's Groups and my church
  • For Fun
    Spending Time With Family & Friends, New Restaurants, Reading, Exercise Classes with a Dance Focus


  • Talent Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Employee Engagement
  • Change Management

Questions & Answers

As a leader, what type of environment do you try to create?
I work to create environments in which people with varied competencies, experiences, work styles, backgrounds and ideas can bring their authentic selves to work. When I assign responsibilities to team members I encourage individuals to try on new skills, grow their talents and not get stuck. The work is always important and sometimes the demands are stressful so I am lifted when I hear a few moments of laughter in the middle of the afternoon—usually signaling that team members are enjoying working together.
What are you favorite reading resources?
1. The Diversity Discipline: Implementing Diversity Work with a Strategy, Structure, and ROI Measurement Focus by Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D

2. Everyday Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments in Our Daily Lives by Howard J. Ross

3. Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

4. Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace by Carla Harris

5. Forget A Mentor, Find A Sponsor: The New Way To Fast-Track Your Career by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

6. Standout 2.0: Assess Your Strengths. Find Your Edge. Win At Work by Marcus Buckingham

7. Ted Talks: The Office TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

8. Unwritten HR Rules: 21 Secrets for Attaining Awesome Career Success in Human Resources by Alan Collins

9. What’s In Your Sandwich: 10 Sure-Fire Ingredients for Career Success by Jocelyn Giangrande

10. The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations by James Surowieki
Why did you choose a career in human resources?
I was recruited into human resources after working on a performance audit of a human resources department. A senior executive believed that based on my team’s comprehensive review of the department, I could be a good fit for a leadership opening. She encouraged me to apply for the role. I stayed in human resources because it functions in organizations to be a strategic partner with business executives, an advisor to management on employee relations issues and a champion of all employees.
Why has much of your career included a focus on diversity & inclusion.
The importance of diversity and inclusion was a part of my household as I was growing up. Different words were used but the intent was the same--human rights, civil rights were a particular commitment of my father. Those values became important to me. Diversity and inclusion work for me means not being afraid to discuss race and gender and also expanding the conversation to include many other dimensions—generational, sexual orientation, work style, rank, etc.

I am a sociologist by training and I learned that major institutions within a society tend to be a reflection of the larger society. Our great country often struggles with diversity & inclusion therefore even our truly fine institutions struggle also. I believe that working within organizations so that diversity is valued and that all individuals are included is important work.

I work in the area first because I believe that co-workers and customers should be respected and second because I believe it makes very good business sense. Others may focus on the business need first. That may be OK yet I think, if you focus first on the people—employees and customers, the business result will follow.

Last, it can be challenging work—work that often people don’t understand, don’t want to talk about, don’t want to do. My interest is that employees don’t see diversity as something extra but as core to everything they do. I work so that all employees can feel safe being a part of conversations and work related to diversity and inclusion and can raise their hands and say, “I don’t understand.”

Developing Leaders

  • Addis Abba, Ethiopia-Leadership Workshop at St. Paul's Millennium Medical College
    Addis Abba, Ethiopia-Leadership Workshop at St. Paul's Millennium Medical College
  • Workshop at St. Paul Millennium Medical College
    Workshop at St. Paul Millennium Medical College


Southeast Michigan, United States

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